Services and expertise

Services and expertise

Together with our team which has more than 20 years of experience in the maintenance of steam turbines, turbo-alternator sets, hydroelectric turbines and auxiliary equipment, EnerServ is familiar with the requirements associated with what clients expect when it comes to the management of a shutdown, whether or not the shutdown is planned.  We have the appropriate material and personnel resources that enable us to provide highly qualified professional assistance and a complete turnkey maintenance service.  This in fact entails that we are able to provide and perform the management of all the resources required for the smooth operation of maintenance, and as a client you may rest assured that your major or minor maintenance service will be undertaken with great professionalism and efficiency.  Moreover, we offer repair services at our Granby workshop, upon request.  Solid and lasting professional relationships are cultivated through essential key components such as offering clients superior quality services.


Therefore, all mandates awarded to EnerServ, large or small, are successfully completed while adhering to the following fundamental principles:


  • Safety of personnel and material resources, because no job warrants foregoing safe work practices and regulations and because personnel occupational health and safety is of the utmost priority.  Consequently, we are presently undergoing COR Safety certification.  The COR accreditation, which until now was mostly known in western Canada, assures clients that the company they hire meets and commits to the highest possible occupational health and safety standards in the industry.  EnerServ offers their services throughout Canada and therefore complies with standards specified in all provinces and territories;
  • Quality of work performed, because it’s always better to measure twice and cut once; 
  • Efficient performance, budget monitoring and adherence to time schedules, because although the first two principles are vital ones, it nevertheless remains important to adhere to deadlines and time schedules, which is an essential component for EnerServ and their clients.


In addition, and because EnerServ understands that the expertise required to support all technical aspects of the turbine and generator industry does not necessarily exist within a single entity, we have developed relationships with competent external resources that, combined with our own expertise, enable us to analyze and efficiently address the majority of problematic situations presented to us.  Our consultants, accredited machine shops and suppliers, are all aware of the importance of their services being part of EnerServ’s “One Stop Shop” solution and that their success is ensured through our success.

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