Mechanical maintenance on turbines and generators

Mechanical maintenance turbines
and generators

Entretien mécanique turbines et alternateurs hydroHydroelectric turbines have undergone tremendous growth worldwide.  Hydropower now represents 16% of total global electrical power generation.  Numerous hydroelectric power stations are found throughout Canada and the United States and require ongoing maintenance and monitoring programs in order to operate at the level of efficiency required.


EnerServ can provide inspection and mechanical maintenance services for any type of turbine, thereby ensuring a greater operational reliability of systems.  Our team of highly skilled technicians and mechanical engineers is  able to diagnose operational problems and offer solutions to ensure the effective operation of turbines.  Indeed, our experienced technicians have worked with equipment from the majority of North American manufacturers.  EnerServ can meet and even exceed clients’ expectations, be it while performing a simple annual inspection or a major overhaul.


Services offered :


  • Minor inspections: bearings, wheels, cavitation, directrix, reducers, etc.;
  • Boroscope inspections;
  • Major overhaul: replacement of wheels, complete vertical and horizontal alignment, repair of cavitation, replacement of bearings and housing;
  • On-site repair of speed increasing gears;
  • Vibration analysis;
  • Oil analysis and filtration;
  • Inspection of auxiliary equipment (HPU, lubrication units, coolers, check valves, etc.);
  • Supply of spare parts, (bolts, joints, sensors, etc.);
  • Calibration of equipment-related instrumentation.

Entetien turbines hydroélectriques

We offer a complete array of electrical tests thereby ensuring the adequate operation of low speed operators (see Tests and inspections section).


Entretien mécanique turbines et alternateurs hydro