Mechanical maintenance and inspection of steam turbines and turbo-generator sets

Mechanical maintenance and inspection of steam turbines and turbo-generator sets

Essais et inspections électriques de turbines

Generating electrical and heat energy from steam has been widely used as an industrial application throughout the world for over a century now.  To this day steam turbines are still providing high energy efficiency, however; this energy efficiency must be maintained through a well-adapted monitoring and maintenance program, specific to each energy producer.  



Technologies that are now incorporated in recent models of steam turbines are more sophisticated.  They require higher operating temperatures and are generally designed with narrower tolerances so as to improve efficiency levels.  Although these technological developments are not the cause of catastrophic breakages, inherent risks associated with their operation are greater and an in-depth monitoring program using predictive maintenance registers and planned inspections should be at the basis of a safe and reliable operation.  


Inspection and maintenance programs for steam turbines offered by EnerServ are intended for a vast array of turbine manufacturers and encompass equipment with a capacity upwards of 100 MW, being used in various realms of application such as electrical power generation, co-generation production, oil and refining fields, waste incineration, paper mills and marine applications


Our team of engineers and technicians perform equipment diagnostics from recordings and observations made following the disassembly of components performed by our specialized mechanics.  The frequency of inspections requiring disassembly is optimized through the use of diagnostic methods such as boroscope inspections and oil and vibration analyses.  


Maintenance de turbine

With respect to electrical power generation, EnerServ’s area of expertise is concentrated in turbo generator sets’ vital components.  A range of test types used to establish the condition of rotors, stators and excitation systems as well as the condition of transmission and protection equipment, is introduced in the following section.   


While striving to offer a full array of comprehensive services, EnerServ sets up various interventions that encompass auxiliary equipment such as HPU equipment, lubrication units, steam condensers and steam releases.


Services offered :


  • Minor inspections: bearings, valves, regulatory systems, reducers, etc.;
  • Boroscope inspections;
  • Major overhaul services:  major overhaul of turbine, blast cleaning, NDT, adjustments;
  • Alignment of shaft and alignment of turbine internal components;
  • Vibration analysis;
  • Oil analysis and oil filtration;;
  • Minor inspection of turbo generator set (bearings, air gap, boroscope inspection, etc.);
  • Major overhaul of turbo generator set: removal of rotor, recalibration;
  • Inspection of auxiliary equipment (HPU, lubrication units, coolers, check valves, etc.);
  • Replacement of thermal blankets;
  • Supply of spare parts, (bolts, joints, sensors, etc.);
  • Calibration of equipment-related instrumentation;
  • Thermal heating machine;
  • Thermography;
  • Dry ice cleaning.