Electrical tests and inspections

tests and inspections electrical

In order to achieve a steady rate of electrical power generation, power generating stations must ensure an adequate operation of their facilities through regular inspections and maintenance programs.  Although mechanical parts can sustain heavy workloads, other electrical systems, namely, generators, rotors, stators, excitation systems and auxiliary systems, should not be overlooked.

Essais et inspections électriques

Electrical systems require testing and specific maintenance programs to ensure their suitable performance.  Our team of highly skilled technicians and mechanical engineers is able to diagnose operational problems and offer solutions to clients.  A complete overhaul of generators reduces the risk of breakage which in turn, can cause production shut downs.


Services offered :



Testing of rotating machines :


  • Insulation resistance and polarization index (IR & PI) ; Megger test) :
    • To check stator or rotor winding  insulation by establishing the presence of dirt or contamination.
  • Pole drop test (voltage drop of rotor poles) :
    • To establish the presence of a short circuit in rotor pole winding turns.
  • High-potential testing (Hi Pot AC/DC) :
    • To establish the presence of leakage current that could result in a major malfunction of the stator or rotor winding insulation.
  • Winding resistance check :
    • To check the condition of the stator or rotor winding by measuring the resistance of the conductor.
  • Doble + inductance (measurement of power factor of inductance) :
    • To measure electrical losses in the stator or rotor insulation and winding inductance to measure the power factor.
  • Elcid testing :
    • To detect insulation failures between laminations of stator cores.
  • Partial Discharge :
    • To give you an in-depth look at the state of your winding.
  • Thermography :
    • To get a proper outlook on the possible hot spots in any area of your installations.



Testing of auxiliary systems :

  • Inspection and tests of circuit-breakers;
  • Inspection and tests of power transformers;
  • Inspection and tests of protection relays;
  • Inspection and tests of disconnecting switches.